About Sean Salamon

My approach to taking portraits is simple and natural. This isn't a headshot factory—rather, I view each session as a collaboration which incorporates your own style and personality. It's my hope is that each photo will feel personal, evoking something specific about your character. 


1 Look Headshot Session: $75    |   2 Looks Headshot Session: $115  

  • Serious/commercial/comedic/business headshots
  • Target 60 minutes per look, but this is not a limit–sessions are not priced on how long it takes us to find the right shot.
  • Viewing and make photo selections online.
  • 2-3 retouchings are included per look.
  • Consultation prior to scheduling a session.
  • Professional advice on selecting appropriate color & style of clothing.
  • Contact details below—call or email me to schedule a consultation.



My guarantees

You'll like your shots. And if you don't, we'll keep shooting until you do.

You'll get your retouched photos within 48 hours. 

You'll see your photos as I shoot. And we'll discuss as we go so I can be sure you're happy with the direction we're going.

I'll guide you. You may not know exactly what you're aiming for but I'll help you get the right expression.

You'll have a good time.  I can be a funny person when I try! The key to getting good photos is to appear comfortable on camera—relax, laugh, and have fun.